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SAGE DRIED Sage Officinalis / BIO

Period of harvest

Pre-flowering  whole plant


Product coming from biological crop, picked to the correct point of maturation, dried to the sun to 95% (inside greenhouses covered ventilate), subsequently minced to flakes or ground in dust or whole, according to the demands.

Available in packages of

 30 Pieces bunches

 24 Pieces small bags

Tool Tips

Ideal to aromatize the foods and to facilitate its digestion.
Commonly employee to season pasta and potato dumplings to the butter, to prepare juices, meats roast and in damp, fishes, vegetables, oils and aromatic vinegars. The leaves can be fried in batter.
Therapeutic ownership: digestive, colagoghe, bechiche, expectorant, tonic-stimulating, antiseptic. For external use as anti-inflammatory in the inflammations of the oral cable.

Prodotto proveniente da coltura biologica. Le sommità fiorite e i rametti vengono utilizzati subito o fatti essiccare in luogo ombroso e ventilato

I.C.E.A (Istituto Certificazione Etica ambientale) Secondo Regolamento CEE 2092/91

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