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Our Company

Tradition, Passion and Innovation

The company is located in the heart of Sicily, seven kilometers from Resuttano. Our passion for Sicilian plants, perfumes and aromas has been translated into a commitment to protect typical Sicilian medicinal plants and care for the environment. Our company, certified BIO since 1999, has a consolidated experience in the selection of medicinal plants. While respecting local cultivation traditions, we use modern techniques for the eco-sustainability of production, for the protection of soil fertility and the seasonality of the product.


We have invested in renewable energy, and today, thanks to more than 30Kw / h of solar panels installed, we are 100% autonomous. We use the dung of our modern stables for the breeding of cattle in order to fertilize  the aromatic plants, to which we support wheat and legumes. Our flowers are pollinated by laborious bees that help produce our organic honey. In line with environmental protection, we are working to distribute and package our products in ever more efficient ways.

Our passion, assisted by qualified Sicilian staff, translates into authentic flavors of Sicily: Sicily in the package.

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